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Five Great Holiday Gifts for New Parents

Where are my last minute shoppers? Christmas is FAST approaching and it's crunch time to find gifts for the people you love. Here are a few gift ideas that the new parents in your life will love:

1. Netflix or Hulu Plus Subcriptions

Babies keep odd hours - that's no secret - and families tend to stay close to home for the first few weeks, especially in the midst of flu season. Save new moms and dads from middle of the night infomercials with some better entertainment options. Add a box of microwave popcorn for a movie date night at home!

2. Gift Cards to Local Restaurants that Deliver

Pizza - as great as it may be - gets old after a while, as do freezer casseroles. Take the pressure of off preparing dinner for a night by giving gift cards for other options! There are many options for takeout so there's sure to be an option to suit every family's taste. Give with disposable paper goods so there's no clean up either!

3. Spa Gift Certificate

Moms and dads can both use a little extra pampering; offer to watch the baby so they can book a couple's massage!

4. Laundry Service

Even babies that don't use cloth diapers generate an astonishing amount of laundry relative to their size. Offer to come and do laundry - including folding and putting away! - or find a local service to do it.

5. Baby To Go Gift Certificates

Did you know in addition to my childbirth education classes and labor doula services, I also work with families after the baby is born? As a postpartum doula, I can help ease the transition into life with a newborn and offer referrals to local resources and mommy groups. My car seat workshops are perfect for new parents who want to make sure their baby is as safe as can be, or a babywearing consultation helps choose and use a carrier to help get out of the house. Email me to purchase one today!

What is on YOUR wish list this year?

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