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Are you passionate about supporting new families?

New families need support to make a smooth transition to life with a newborn. Learn the skills to do this amazing work and make a difference! The online course includes topics such as Pregnancy, Labor, & Birth, Breastfeeding Basics, Postpartum Adjustment & Healing, and Infant Development. You will have the opportunity to join a monthly Zoom call for personalized guidance as you progress through the program, and the chance to hone your expertise with in-home experience. Finally, you will receive a packet of digital downloads including a postpartum planner, pregnancy emails, information sheets, and more to share with your clients. Select apprentices will gain ongoing referrals for new clients.

The Baby To Go Apprenticeship Program

  • self-paced online course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks

  • unique shadowing experience working with real families alongside an experienced doula

  • digital downloads to support launching your own postpartum support business

  • monthly Zoom calls

  • the opportunity to receive referrals from Baby To Go!

Ready to Begin?

The apprenticeship program is offered for an investment of $500, which includes lifelong access to the online course and mentorship. Register today!

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Not sure if you're ready to begin? No problem!

Completing the registration form is no commitment!

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