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This Week on Facebook: 7/12-7/19

Baby sleep can be a hot button issue - MANY times the first two questions asked of a new parent are "Is he a good baby? Does he sleep through the night?" giving the implication that a baby - and by extension your parenting - is "bad" for not sleeping. Here's the thing, though: babies are not MEANT to sleep through the night. Frequent waking is developmentally appropriate and normal.

“Night waking can be an exhausting and stressful time for parents. Feeling like they are doing something ‘wrong’ can make these feelings worse. Unfortunately, our society contributes to parents feeling this way, due to setting up unrealistic expectations of what babies of certain ages should and shouldn’t be doing."

Did you have a name all ready to go before birth? Or were you still deciding?

Skin-to-skin in that first hour is so important! I was SO impressed at a hospital recently where mother and baby were undisturbed for at least an hour after birth. Did anyone here delay a bath?

Which one of you came to my house and recorded us? Just kidding - we don't have a cat...

This is somewhat a different tone than the guided meditations I usually do with my clients... (Be forewarned - strong language!)

I *teach* the dangers of projectiles in a vehicle, and yet my car - like many moms' - perpetually looks like a rummage sale. A scary reminder to pay attention to what could hit you or your children in an accident...

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