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Pitocin is NOT Oxytocin, which is not to say it is never medically indicated - but, as with ANY intervention, it should be a decision made with awareness of the benefits and risks, after a dialogue with your care provider.




More delayed cord clamping news - "In a recently published randomized clinical trial, a Swedish research team led by Dr. Ola Andersson discovered that a group of healthy children who had been randomized to receive DCC (3 minutes after birth) had significantly better personal-social and fine-motor functioning at 4 years of age than did those who were randomized to receive ECC (< 10 seconds after birth)."



This new mommy is RADIANT in her borrowed Prism - babywearing FTW! Does your doula have a lending library to share with you? Contact me about my postpartum services!


"The presence of a doula at birth was linked to an almost 60 percent reduction in women's odds of having a C-section, and 80 percent lower odds of having a nonmedically indicated C-section compared with women who had no doula."


50 Things You Can Do With Your Toddler While Caring for a Newborn: For my mom friends who are heading into their second - or third - go-round!


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Did you know that only 50% of women giving birth for the first time have their baby by 40 weeks and 5 days? That means HALF of first time moms will be pregnant 6 days or more after their "due date." Due dates are *estimates!"

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