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This Week on Facebook: 6/27-7/4

Newborns do not need accessories. Ditch the hat!


I am officially booking into December and January!

If you are looking to save money on a car seat, it is better to buy a more budget-friendly option new than a more expensive used seat.

What a birth story! Note to my clients: keep your gas tank full and avoid walking through remote forests alone while in early labor. o_O

In case you are the one person on the internet that hasn't seen this - too cute! That's one way to dance that baby down...

Sonia Manzano (Maria) is retiring and leaving Sesame Street. Anyone remember her breastfeeding on the show?

So, water safety is really important to remember as we all head to the pool and the beach this weekend. Try not to forget your kids in the ocean.

We used baby-led weaning in our own family and loved it! No purchasing special foods, or spending extra time on food prep - win!

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