Labor & Postpartum Support

Having a Baby during Covid-19? Get the support you need even during the self quarantine!


This is a really intense time.

Your birth plan probably did not anticipate a global pandemic.

You have options and I am here to help.

You are not alone! While my services are normally in-person, I am making the shift to virtual so that I am still able to support families during this emotional time. Zoom sessions allow me to:

  • answer questions (How can my partner become my doula in labor? What are the current hospital protocols? Am I feeding baby enough? Is this amount of bleeding normal?)

  • offer resources (lactation consultants, pelvic floor therapists, mental health professionals, etc.)

  • guide your partner to "be my hands" and learn to hold space and give compassionate touch,.

  • empower you to feel calm and confident in your decisions.


$18/half hour 

a la carte



ten 15-minute sessions

unlimited text/email support 



ten half hour sessions

unlimited text/email support

customized care package


Book a complimentary 20 minute session!

Sarah Ludwig


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