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Call Toll-Free Within North America The New York Times. "Canada is Legalizing Marijuana. Here Are Some Questions, Answered." In accordance with regulations and minimum standards established by the province, municipal : land-use regulations determine appropriate commercial160;land-use zones where retail cannabis stores can , be located.160;For example, AGLC regulations state that a retail cannibas store cannot be located within 100 metres of58; Possession limits, criminal offences, public health, impaired driving, medical cannabis, education, taxation, home cultivation, advertising, production Cannabis is a $9 billion industry in the U.S. and expected to be a $5 billion industry in Canada, with a lot of that money coming from international \pot tourists.\" It explains why even consumer giants like Coca-Cola are now toying with the idea of including some form of cannabis in their products. Canada's legalization has created what some are calling a \""green rushwhere to buy marijuana in coloradoThe annual number of teenager (13 to 21 years old) visits to emergency rooms involving a cannabis related diagnostic code or positive for marijuana from a urine drug screen more than quadrupled during the decade (2005-2014)


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